Character Strength Index


Product Description

The Character Strengths Index (CSI) is an online assessment that provides you with a score on each of the 36 core character qualities. When you finish the 95-item survey, you will receive a comprehensive 17-page report outlining your top character strengths and the key character qualities that have a potential to derail your efforts and relationships. Download a PDF of a partial sample report

The report will also provide you with a set of development recommendations for each character quality that will help you create a plan for growth and take the next step toward stronger character.

The Character Strengths Index will

  • identify your unique character strengths.
  • help you understand the behaviors that reveal your character.
  • uncover character traits that could derail your efforts.  
  • reveal your strength score for all 36 character qualities.
  • provide a set of recommendations to help you develop your character strengths.

Want to purchase more than one assessment? Purchase a package of 2 to 100 (For more than 100, please call Customer Service)

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