Executive coaching and leadership development programs to grow your business

  • Enhance leadership effectiveness
  • Reduce turnover and employee burnout
  • Improve organizational culture

Do you need to strengthen your organization by developing yourself and your teams?


Refocus to better inspire your teams.


Develop and support positive attitudes and habits.


Retain and grow your teams.

We believe that great companies like yours deserve a trusted partner to develop your leaders.

For the last decade, we have spent over 10,000 hours developing effective, consistent leaders through character and competence based executive coaching and leadership development programs.

Let's Talk

We want to get to know you and understand your needs.

Create A Plan

We’ll design and execute a plan to develop your needs.

Experience Growth

When you grow your people, you grow your business.

“I was able to gain a valuable perspective into my leadership style and use this knowledge as a way to become stronger both professionally and personally. I connected with peers and together we were able to use our insight and experiences to help each other.“

-Rachel Weaver | Billing Manager
180 Medical


“To say that I am fortunate to work for a company that is willing to invest in their colleagues is an understatement. INSURICA investing in me by encouraging my participation in IEL speaks volumes to their commitment and values to their community.

IEL was an exceptional experience that provided me professional and self-growth and provided a network of IEL fellows to continue that growth for years to come. The Strata team coordinated an unforgettable experience that I am incredibly grateful for.”

-Kylie Hubbard | Sales Manager


Partner Organizations


Leaders Served


Employees Impacted

Accelerate goal identification and attainment.
Increase loyalty and reduce employee turnover.
Improve overall organizational culture.

Many organizations don’t have the tools and resources to grow their people. This is stressful and frustrating when you know investing in your teams is beneficial. Regardless of the size of your company, you deserve to be able to offer the highest quality leadership development available. 

At Strata Leadership, we care about your success as much as you do and want to partner with you to build up the leaders within your organization.


First, let’s talk. We want to learn more about you, your company, and your vision for the future.

Next, we’ll create a plan specifically designed for the needs of your team.

Finally, you can enjoy a thriving workplace that comes from effective leadership.