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Dr. Virginia Smith, Ed. D.

Vice President of Research & Design

Virginia Smith holds an MBA in Organizational Leadership from Oklahoma Christian University and a doctorate from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Smith has held various positions in Education, the Oil and Gas industry, and Business Consulting. In 2011 she joined Strata Leadership to develop a research-based Cultural Analysis to help organizations identify their strengths and weaknesses, design effective training strategies, and measure the results.

A Kamm Distinguished Fellow in research, academics, and leadership, Dr. Smith has presented at various conferences on research protocol including the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Additional presentations by Dr. Smith include topics on Effective Leadership, Building Trust in the Workplace, Conflict Resolution, Building a Culture of Respect, Encouraging Character, Expatriate and Family Re-Assimilation, and The C3 Concept, among others.

Dr. Smith is a speaker and published author, and in 2012, she became editor of Character Core Magazine, where her column on vision for business organizations appears monthly. She now serves as Vice President of Research and Design for Strata Leadership, and President of Character First Education. She currently lives in Edmond with her husband Patrick, an engineering professor at Oklahoma Christian University. They have two grown children, Joshua, a family practice physician, and Kate, a high school physics and chemistry teacher.