Christina Hicks, CDMP

Vice President of Marketing


Christina Hicks is a writer and certified digital marketer with a flair for creative problem-solving. With an insatiable thirst for creating content that resonates with a diverse global audience, Christina embraces challenges enthusiastically and thrives on crafting captivating solutions.

Drawing from a cross-industrial and cross-functional background, Christina has honed her skills as a natural strategic and creative leader. Her mind works like a canvas, visualizing solutions on both intricate and grand scales while staying open to innovation and fresh ideas. Her ability to synthesize information from various disciplines empowers her to deliver imaginative and unique solutions that make a real impact.

Christina has excelled in leading diverse teams, from small in-person groups to extensive, international, and virtual collaborations throughout her career. Her adaptability and rapid learning prowess enable her to navigate various environments with finesse, ensuring she remains at the forefront of every project she undertakes.

As a true multipotentialite, Christina is passionate about continuous learning and exploration. She thrives on delving into different fields of study, always eager to gain new insights and knowledge, which she expertly weaves into her problem-solving toolkit.

Christina’s academic journey reflects her relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. She is a first-generation college graduate who earned her BA in Museum Studies-Laws and Ethics in 2002. Fueling her artistic pursuits, she completed graphic design curricula in 2010 at the University of Central Oklahoma. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape led her to become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional through the Digital Marketing Institute and American Marketing Association in 2021, followed by a professional certificate in Search Marketing in 2022.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Christina finds joy and balance in the outdoors, cherishing moments spent with her husband and son. Whether kayaking on serene waters, hiking through scenic trails, or tending to her greenhouse and flower beds, she embraces life’s simple pleasures.

Christina Hicks is a passionate individual who leads with creativity, dedication, and an unwavering love for exploration. Her journey continues to be one of discovery and growth, and she is excited to share her talents and expertise with the world.

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