International coaching week, May13-19, 2024

Strata Leadership is thrilled to mark the significance and influence of professional coaching as part of International Coaching Week. We take pride in acknowledging the transformative power that coaching brings to individuals and organizations.

We extend a warm invitation for you to participate in any or all of the enlightening sessions we have planned.

Webinar: Coaching in Higher Education

Coaching in Higher Education: How Coaching Provides Value to the University in a Time of Challenge 

Presenters: Marlin Blankenship, Ph.D., PCC
& Susan DeWoody, Ed.D.

Join us for a dynamic webinar exploring the pivotal role coaching can play in higher education amidst times of challenge and change. Discover how coaching methodologies empower university leaders, faculty and staff, and students to navigate complexities, enhance performance, and foster resilience within academic institutions. Gain insights into the transformative impact of coaching on organizational culture, student success, and institutional effectiveness, equipping your university to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Leading Through Coaching: The Value of Bringing Coaching to Your Organization

Presenter: Marlin Blankenship, Ph.D., PCC

Delve into the transformative impact coaching has on leadership development, team dynamics, and organizational culture. Learn how integrating coaching practices can create a supportive, growth-oriented environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and sustainable success for your entire team.

Webinar: Leading Through Coaching
Webinar: Five Things I Wish I Had Know about Becoming a Professional Coach

Five Things I Wish I Had Known About Becoming a Professional Coach

Presenter: Nathan Mellor, Ed.D., PCC

Are you a professional coach? Thinking about becoming one? Whether you are looking to take your practice to the next level or you are just getting started, this is a can’t miss webinar. Led by Dr. Nathan Mellor, you will be given behind the scenes access to life as a professional coach. The presentation includes numerous stories about the challenges and triumphs of building a coaching practice along with practical insights learned along the way.

Accelerate Your Coaching Practice: Four Actionable Steps for Meaningful Growth

Presenter: Nathan Mellor, Ed.D., PCC

Are you ready to take your coaching practice to the next level? Join us for a dynamic webinar focused on practical and actionable steps to grow your business.  Led by Dr. Nathan Mellor, PCC, you are invited to explore four steps designed to help fuel growth of your coaching business.

Webinar: Accelerate your coaching practice

Strata Leadership is committed to maintaining and promoting the highest standard of ethical behavior in coaching and requires all Strata Certified Coaches to abide by the International Coaching Federation code of ethics.

Many organizations don’t have the tools and resources to grow their people. This is stressful and frustrating when you know investing in your teams is beneficial. Regardless of the size of your company, you deserve to be able to offer the highest quality leadership development available. 

At Strata Leadership, we care about your success as much as you do and want to partner with you to build up the leaders within your organization.


First, let’s talk. We want to learn more about you, your company, and your vision for the future.

Next, we’ll create a plan specifically designed for the needs of your team.

Finally, you can enjoy a thriving workplace that comes from effective leadership.