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Could your organization benefit by having better teamwork? Are you looking for ways to create a more positive and engaging culture? Do you want to strengthen workplace relationships, improve communication, and foster creativity?

Learn How To...

  • Identify what causes a lack of teamwork
  • Recognize traits of positive and resilient organizations
  • Evaluate the level of teamwork in your organization
  • Reinforce positive values that promote unity and cooperation
  • Develop a trusting team with clear goals, guidelines, expectations, and encouragement

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How would you rate the level of trust in your organization? Do you feel like you could improve in this area? Would you like to build a more cooperative and supportive work environment? 

Trust is one of the key ingredients to building a healthy and successful organization. Without trust, every project takes longer and the organization suffers. 

Learn How To...

  • Define trust and explain its importance to your team
  • Identify common reasons people don’t trust one another
  • Build healthy attitudes that foster trust and teamwork
  • Evaluate your options when trust is broken
  • Walk through the steps of reconciliation

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Have you noticed how many organizations hire for competence but fire for character? Learn how innovative leaders in companies, non-profits and governmental agencies are building stronger and more efficient organizations by focusing on both character and competence. If you want to build a positive and resilient culture, this program can help.

You Will Learn...
• What character is and why it is important
• The C3 equation: Character + Competence = Consistency
• What C3 can do for your personal growth

  Download the C3 Concept Course Description

Have you ever wondered how to more effectively communicate expectations? Learn how to clearly define your goals and expectations of others. The competitive edge today is building stronger and more efficient organizations by focusing on both character and competence. If you want to build a positive and resilient culture, this program can help.


  • Creates a culture of trust
  • Saves money
  • Saves time
  • Gets everyone pulling in the same direction
  • Improves productivity
  • Decreases stress
  • Minimizes conflict
  • Maximizes the use of human and financial resources
  • Builds healthy work relationships
  • Develops a dependable and capable workforce
  • Helps the team and organization grow and develop

  Download the Character Core Orientation Training Course Description

Do you know how to engage and energize those who work for you? Do you have high-potential employees that deserve one-on-one attention to help them advance? Would you like to learn how to be an effective coach in order to help your team succeed personally and professionally?  

Learn How To...

  • Motivate your employees and improve productivity.
  • Enhance specific business behaviors.
  • Effectively coach team members to excellence.
  • Help colleagues set goals and develop effective plans.
  • Help employees reach their full potential.

  Download the Coaching for High Performance Course Description

Could your organization benefit from improved communication? Is the lack of communication slowing you down, hindering progress, or resulting in needless mistakes?  

Learn How To...

  • Refine your verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Present yourself more effectively as a leader
  • Ask better questions in order to get better answers
  • Bridge generational differences in communication

  Download the Communication & Listening Skills Course Description

The ability to think critically and make effective decisions doesn’t just happen by chance or genetic endowment. You have to grow and develop these skills through knowledge acquisition and experience.

Learn How To...

  • Avoid faulty thinking and bias
  • Turn existing problems into opportunities for growth
  • Analyze problems deeper and more effectively
  • Increase decision-making speed
  • Influence others’ thinking and perspective
  • Apply effective decision-making techniques

  Download the Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Course Description

Do you want to be a better leader? Does your organization need engaged and effective leaders who drive results?

Learn How To...

  • Define leadership in practical terms.
  • Clarify values so you can effectively motivate others.
  • Apply the “Law of the Lid” to yourself and other leaders.
  • Distinguish between the roles of “manager” and “leader.”
  • Implement change more effectively.
  • Give and receive feedback with one another.
  • Use the appropriate “Source of Power” for the job.

  Download the Dynamic Leadership Course Description

Your company ethics are more than a policy book or a written code of behavior. The true ethical standards of your company are the habits and behaviors that are accepted and consistently applied to how you do your work and business.

Learn How To...

  • Understand what it means to have an ethical workplace
  • Practice making ethical decisions
  • Communicate the importance of ethical behavior and standards
  • Identify key ethical dilemmas within your work and organization
  • Use resources to understand culture strengths and development opportunities
  • Identify methods for supporting ethical behaviors at all levels of the organization

  Download the Ethics at Work Course Description

This course teaches an evidence-based method and an actionable blueprint for setting goals, planning execution, maintaining focus, sustaining motivation, and creating accountability that can help anyone achieve at a higher level and reach their goals more quickly. 

Learn How To...

  • Determine which tasks create the most impact
  • Build momentum and keep yourself motivated throughout the year
  • Harness and manage your most precious resource...your energy
  • Break through, overwhelm, and overcome “the dip”
  • Build a system of accountability that will keep you on track for achievement

  Download the Focus for Success Course Description

Do you have multiple generations working in your organization? Do you serve customers from different generations? Do you know how to effectively communicate with each age group and bridge generational differences?

Learn How To...

  • Identify Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (Millennials), and Generation Z. 
  • Understand the background and culture of each generation.
  • Understand the inner values that drive each generation.
  • Build teamwork and unity around a common purpose. 

  Download the Generational Differences at Work Course Description

Could your organization benefit from giving better feedback to employees? Do you know how to communicate necessary feedback to those who need it? Do you communicate in a way that leads to a constructive response?

Learn How To...

  • Organize your thoughts for performance evaluation
  • Structure a productive meeting or employee conference
  • Give specific input instead of vague generalizations
  • Choose words carefully in order to avoid over-reaction
  • Evaluate performance fairly and without bias 
  • Reinforce desirable behaviors and outcomes
  • Improve morale and productivity

  Download the Giving & Receiving Feedback Course Description

Building a great organization starts with hiring the right people. Successful hiring managers focus not just on the skill and knowledge (competence) of a candidate, but also on the attitude and values-based behaviors (character) of the candidate.

Learn How To...

  • Communicate your company’s core values throughout the recruiting and hiring process
  • Define what character means in your organization and set standards for daily work behaviors
  • Identify character qualities needed for specific job roles
  • Create a hiring strategy that will improve quality of hires
  • Create interview questions to guide the interview session
  • Ask interview questions effectively to get the information you need
  • Utilize a unique approach to assessing a candidate’s character during the interview
  • Utilize sixteen hiring tools to improve your hiring strategy

  Download the Hiring for Character & Competence Description

This course will focus on the important role leaders play in leading change initiatives. Participants will learn how to better understand how people react to change, and how to introduce a change initiative and get people on board with the new reality.

Learn How To...

  • Understand what to expect when initiating change and during a time of change
  • Communicate about change effectively
  • Influence and persuade others toward shared goals
  • Identify and empower change agents

  Download the Leading Change Course Description

Effective leadership starts with effective self-leadership. Leaders who understand their emotional triggers and default behaviors are better prepared to manage themselves amidst stress and frustration. This skill is called Emotional Intelligence (EI) and involves the application of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Learn How To...

  • Understand the concept of emotional intelligence
  • Understand yourself and others
  • Assess your level of emotional intelligence
  • Recognize areas of your EI that need development
  • Manage weaknesses and self-destructive tendencies

  Download the Leading with Emotional Intelligence Course Description

Diversity and inclusion is more than political correctness, it is an effectiveness imperative for your organization and for some companies, it can become a competitive advantage. Commitment and behaviors that support diversity creates a culture where people respect and value each other. Team members from different backgrounds and perspectives create ideas that can’t be replicated by a team that has little diversity.

Learn How To...

  • Understand why diversity and is vital for organizational success
  • Explain the business case for diversity and inclusion
  • Describe how diversity is much more than race, age, gender, and other observational differences.
  • Identify unconscious bias and how it affects our perspective

  Download the Leveraging Differences Course Description

In this training, you will better understand the dynamic of conflict at work and learn how to manage it effectively. You will start by learning the fundamental reasons conflict occurs in a work environment.

Learn How To...

  • Understand how conflict arises in the workplace
  • Communicate more effectively by understanding the conflict style of others
  • Identify key reasons conflict starts
  • Become more aware of the elements of miscommunication and how to head it off early before it becomes a complex disagreement

  Download the Managing Conflict Course Description

Managing your money can be stressful, especially when you don’t know your financial goals and have a plan of action. You can become an effective manager of your money when you align your spending habits with your immediate needs and your long-term goals and utilize smart decision-making.

Learn how to: 

  • Define what personal finances are and its importance in your life
  • Determine your short-term and long-term financial goals
  • Understand the budgeting process
  • Avoid common money mistakes
  • Use resources to manage and invest your money
  • Make money work for you

  Download the Managing Your Money Course Description

Meetings have the potential to be an effective tool for team building, information sharing, and planning if they are managed well. Unfortunately, many meetings are ineffective or, in some cases, a waste of time. Meeting facilitation is a skill that can be learned that can boost the productivity of the people you lead.

Learn How To...

  • Plan the type of meeting necessary for the specific outcome desired
  • Plan the meeting agenda to maximize time and energy
  • Bring positivity and energy to the meeting participants
  • Engage participants into the meeting process
  • Get all participants involved and to take ownership of next steps
  • Use effective meeting facilitation techniques to increase positive energy and accelerate goal achievement

  Download the Meeting Facilitation Course Description

What if you could help every employee become engaged, energized, and fulfilled at work? The fact is, very few leaders possess the ability to activate the natural motivation of their employees. This course will help you understand the “what” and the “how” of motivating your employees toward greater focus, engagement, and passion for their work.

Learn How To...

  • Identify your own unique, natural drives that activate achievement and fulfillment
  • Identify the unique, natural drives of the people you lead
  • Learn the FRAMEwork for creating environments that foster employee engagement
  • Create a plan for implementing an engagement strategy for your team/organization

  Download the Motivating & Engaging Employees Course Description

Do you want to present with greater authority and be perceived as a great communicator? Do you want to be able to present your ideas and plans with less anxiety and more confidence? Do you want to better understand your own speaking style and how to leverage it to become unique and valued?

Learn How To...

  • Prepare for an effective presentation that meets the needs of your audience
  • Demonstrate the character needed for people to listen and connect with you and your ideas
  • Bring positivity and energy to your presentations
  • Leverage the presentation builder worksheet to plan an effective presentation
  • Use delivery techniques to engage and persuade your audience
  • Practice skills to continue your development as a presenter

  Download the Presentation Skills Course Description

Setting goals is one thing…developing a strategy, getting everyone on board, and reaching those goals takes a lot more thought and effort. This training program will help you walk through the process of determining what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there. 

Learn How To...

  • Identify “big picture” goals and specific steps you can take to reach them
  • Communicate your expectations so you lead your team
  • Design a working plan to implement your goals and the goals of your organization
  • Implement goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely

  Download the Setting & Reaching Goals Course Description

Do you want to reduce your level of stress and the level of stress within your organization? Do you want tools in your “toolbox” to better manage stress? Do you want to create a work environment where people feel alert, healthy, and in control? 

Learn How To...

  • Identify stress triggers
  • Develop effective responses to all types of stress
  • Lower your personal stress level
  • Reduce the stress level on your team or in your organization
  • Create a “road map” to less stress at work and at home

  Download the Stress Management Course Description

It’s no accident that the best performers in your organization are also the most satisfied and engaged people. This comes from a mindset of ownership. Developing a sense of ownership, whether for yourself or if you are helping others to do so, involves several key elements including values alignment, character development, motivation awareness, and environmental development.

Learn how to…

  • Understand your role in the workplace
  • Understand the character qualities that drive ownership and work satisfaction
  • Recognize barriers that hinder commitment and ownership manage burnout and frustration
  • Create an environment that supports your natural motivation
  • Create a plan to build and sustain an environment that supports engagement and ownership

  Download the Taking Ownership Course Description

How would you rate yourself in the area of time management? Could your team members benefit from training in this area? Do you want more control over your life and schedule instead of feeling pulled in every direction? Remember, once time is spent you can never get it back. 

Learn How To...

  • View “Time Management” as part of “Life Management”
  • Balance your personal and professional goals
  • Evaluate how you currently spend time
  • Avoid common time management mistakes
  • Use various tools for managing tasks, appointments, deadlines, and requests more efficiently

  Download the Time Management Course Description

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