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Character Recognition Certificate


Product Description

Recognize individuals for specific character qualities using the NEW Character Recognition Certificate.

OPTION 1 (Free):

Click here to download the Recognition Certificate as a PDF form. Enter the recipient's name, award date, and other information before printing the certificate yourself. 

OPTION 2 (Purchase):

Purchase blank, pre-printed certificates by adding them to your cart. These 2-sided certificates are 99¢ each. Enter the information by hand or download a PDF Template for typing the information and printing on your blank certificate. 

Recognition Tips:

  1. Be Specific. Don't generalize your statements. Give a real-life example of what the person did so your recognition is believable. 
  2. Be Sincere. Your motive is to encourage others in the right direction, not to manipulate or gain favor with someone.
  3. Be Serious. Don't joke around when calling someone out and recognizing their character. Public recognition can be very meaningful—and very awkward. Don't ruin the experience by making fun of the person or the situation. 
  4. Be Spontaneous. Look for small, every-day opportunities to "catch people doing good." This shows that character matters to you all the time, not just on someone's birthday, anniversary, or special occasion. 
  5. Be Systematic. Publicly honor your people at least once per year. Special occasions, such as birthdays or work anniversaries, serve as convenient moments to celebrate who they are—not just their age or how long they've worked for your company. Click to download an xls spreadsheet for keeping track of your recognitions.