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Sleeping Giants: Authentic Stories and Insights for Building a Life That Matters


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Your mental model is not rigid. At any point in life, you possess the ability to change your perspective. Have you found that success does not erase insecurity and self-doubt? Do you know what it feels like to long for a different life? Sleeping Giants: Authentic Stories and Insights for Building a Life That Matters provides practical insights into how ordinary people can choose to build lives that matter.

Written by one of America’s foremost storytellers and leadership guides, Dr. Nathan Mellor provides behind the scenes access to authentic stories about life. Each chapter connects vital concepts to true stories from his life, the lives of friends and family as well as public figures. Each page helps provide clarity about the factors, often hidden, that shape our understanding. The result is a thoughtful, inspiring and challenging book that provides a framework for life.

  • Gain insights into how the brain can be remapped by reviewing how the Secret Service responded to the attempted assassination of a United States President.
  • Learn how Mahalia Jackson inspired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to give the, “I Have a Dream” speech.
  • Consider how perspective is changed while hiking on the Appalachian Trail.
  • Understand why Ted Roosevelt, the son of Theodore Roosevelt, requested to be among the first wave of soldiers on D-Day.
  • Follow along with Nathan as he explores how his personal mental model was shaped and transformed in key moments.
  • Discover what General Dwight Eisenhower said to paratroopers from the 101 st Airborne Division just hours before they were dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy.
  • Learn why Nathan’s granddad would always turn the songbooks the same direction when he cleaned the church building.

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