Are you looking to maximize your leadership presence and develop your influence in your organization?

Become the leader your team needs.

The Senior Leadership Academy is intended for leaders who are currently in key senior level positions within their organizations and are seeking an intensive learning experience in a group context. 

SLA provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development. Covering topics that will enhance your communication skills, develop your influence, maximize your performance in coaching and mentoring your people, while also learning about work-life integration techniques. Class sizes are typically limited to 20 participants to promote dialogue and a deeper connectivity within the group.

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Oklahoma City

Dates: April 8-12th
Venues: Colcord Hotel, Chesapeake Energy Boathouse, Vast at Devon Tower

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Cancelation Policy

Because of the nature of securing and committing the time of faculty, incurred planning, venue, gifts, lost the opportunity and other related costs, any cancellation (without incurring a fee), requires 120-day advance notice to Strata Leadership and SLA. Any cancelation between 90-120 days before the first scheduled course date will be billed at 50% the total fee. Any cancelation between 1-90 days before the scheduled date will be billed at 100% of the total fee.

If a course day is canceled due to natural disasters (earthquakes, extreme weather or fires), human events (war, riots or other significant upheavals) or performance failures outside of the control of Strata (canceled flights, labor disputes other than those of the contractual parties, disruptions in essential services such as electricity, communications or other services), the program can be rescheduled within 90 days without penalty to either party. If the training day is not rescheduled within 90 days then, only at the request of the client, a refund of 50% (equivalent only to the number of course days canceled) will be extended.

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