January 23, 2023

Case Study: Workplace Coach Training for Middle Managers in 2023

Strata Leadership

Client Challenge

The client is a large, publicly traded company specializing in payment processing. Leadership recognized a need to equip middle managers and leaders with a skillset to further engage the employees as they enter their busy season. Attrition and engagement scores had dipped, and leadership was in search of relevant and practical resources. Their desired presentation format would be both in-person and virtual, live training. The overarching objectives were to invest and care for their people and equip their leaders with skills that could be immediately applied.  


Strata Leadership offered a custom training solution that integrated the client’s organizational language around their values. The training was delivered to five different management groups through four-hour sessions. This training focused on reinforcing their value system around the skill of coaching in the workplace. Four actionable skills were presented.

Step One

We began with shaping and reframing mindsets using the C3 Concept. Doing so challenged and reinforced what the managers and organization believed about their people. This realigned the participants back to the values of the organization.

Step Two

Our faculty presented active listening techniques to deepen the skills of the managers and how they engage their people. The goal was to help the managers recognize that listening can be the most powerful tool to help employees feel heard and engaged in their daily roles.

Step Three

The final skill presented was the art of asking powerful questions. Aligned with the organization’s values, this increased the skills of the managers to ask the right questions to employees to drive innovation and engagement. In addition, this step helped leaders discover how curiosity can help us understand the situational root cause. 

Step Four

Training and development initiatives are wasted if action is not taken. The final step was for participants to identify one skill from the training they would commit to implementing in the coming weeks.


The organization provided feedback after the program that the halls buzzed with new skills, new mindsets, and better-equipped managers to engage their direct reports. It left a newfound energy in the team for their people and purpose.

The client reports a deeper understanding of how to grow a coaching culture within their organization.

Strata Leadership aims to “Elevate Life at Work” through coaching and training for organizations of all sizes.