May 13, 2022

The Institute for Emerging Leaders announces new graduates.

Strata Leadership congratulates the most recent graduates of the Institute for Emerging Leaders, Class XIII.

Over the last three months, these exceptional individuals have come together to learn with and from one another to further advance in their careers by thinking differently, building meaningful relationships, and leading effectively.

Since 2016, this life-changing leadership development program for emerging leaders has allowed organizations to invest in their employees by providing them the tools and connections for career success. This intensive learning experience meets the needs of emerging leaders and addresses the necessary competencies to lead effectively.

Congratulations to the Institute for Emerging Leaders Class XIII:

Adam North
Adrianna Marshall
AJ Stewart
Ashley Robinett
Breck Swigart
Bryan Whorton
Caitlin Christenson
Chris Nartey
Clyde Fields
Don Heard
Hillary Johnson
Irving Contreras
Jana VanderTook
Jason Parks
Jeremy Biggs
Kate Orth
Katrina Morton
Laura Cranfield
Malory Love
Meredith Massey
Mike Harmon
Payton Lynam
Rayan Russel
Sarah Cunningham
Tatiana Dourkina
Vernon Deinhardt, Jr.
Yvonne Brown

Since 2009, the team at Strata Leadership has spent tens of thousands of hours elevating life at work by developing effective, consistent leaders through character and competence-based executive coaching and leadership development experiences.

“One of the greatest challenges to leading a healthy team is convincing every team member of their value to the whole. If they don’t take ownership of their role on the team, if they are unwilling to engage and take risks, it makes winning exponentially more difficult.” –Nathan Mellor, Ed.D, PCC

For more information on the Institute for Emerging Leaders or Strata Leadership, visit or contact or 877-357-0001